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This lovely couple bought this home which was outdated and in need of repairs. They intended to remodel the entire place with their new ideas and recent relocation from up north.

The new Florida client added some unique opportunities to try new things they weren't used to.

The kitchen was relocated and reconfigured to be open and better utilized. The functionality increased with this change and the removal of another interior wall that connected the kitchen to the living room.

French doors were added to the dining area, flooring was replaced and the ceilings were improved. New window treatments, cabinets, backsplash, light fixtures and other accessories were added to complete the design.


The intent was to utilize the industrial and rustic style that was reflected in the design and furniture selections. As the client was in the drivers seat we helped guide them to their end goal and empowered them to make the right decisions for lasting excitement and pleasure of the space.

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