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The owners of the retail store Detalles Latinos contacted us for the second time, after we designed their retail store in Galeria 360 Mall in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This time they had 2 stores in the Sambil Mall and they were ready to rock and roll after the big success they had in Galeria 360, with the new identity we created for them. 


The background wall was a dried tree to hold their logo which represented a colorful bird and that was just the tip of the design. The niches and glass shelves made every product pop out in its own way.


Every piece of furniture exhibited was designed and custom made by us, with a beautiful mix of materials like wood and glass. It also had an amazing and strategic lighting design integrated, as we did this with their first store. 


The design of the showcases respected the original design we created for them in the Galeria 360, integrating the modern floating shelves which were held together by two steel wires.


The flooring was a beautiful grey tile with a wood look to match with the exterior elevation details where the logo is displayed. 

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