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We designed this project together with the Architect Greisy Valdez in the Dominican Republic. This project included Architecture and Interior Design services.


Every space was designed to accomplish a functional and aesthetic goal.  The wife was a painter and it was so important to be in contact with nature as much as possible, so using the big windows to integrate the amazing ocean views was a must, not only for her to be inspired but also to allow the natural light in all of the rooms.


The materials and coverings were selected to keep the natural feeling in every space, having wood and stone to add character to the walls and beams. 


Every furniture piece selected had a why and where. The beautiful white piano was for the husband, which was a retired musician who enjoyed playing the piano every day to relax. We gave him one of the most beautiful spots in the house for it.


Modern and elegant was the style they were looking for. Accent colors like lime green and navy, with whites and browns defined the color palette.


A custom upholstery master piece as a headboard, a wavy textured wall and beautiful wood beams with recessed canned lights defined the master bedroom design.


In the pool area we designed a beautiful wood deck with a nice pergola to relax and enjoy the outstanding views.

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